Windows cheat commands

Console commands


lusrmgr.msc Users and Groups consolde
ntmsmgr.msc Removable storage console
perfmon.msc Performance monitor console
rsop.msc Resultant set of group policies and registry settings
secpol.msc Local security settings and User rights assignment console
services.msc Services management console
wmimgmt.msc Windows management instrumentation console


Run commands for Control Panel Programs


access.cpl Accessibility options window
appwiz.cpl Add or Remove programs wizard
btcpl.cpl Bluetooth configuration wizard
bthprops.cpl Bluetooth properties window
desk.cpl Desktop properties window
hdwwiz.cpl Add hardware wizard
Firewall.cpl Firewall configuration window
Intl.cpl Regional language and settings window
Mmsys.cpl Sound and audio properties window
netsetup.cpl Wireless network setup wizard
powercfg.cpl Power options window
pwmcpl.cpl Laptop model specific power manager window
javacpl.cpl Java control panel


Run commands for Wizards


wiaacmgr Scanner and camera wizard
netsetup.cpl Run command for wireless setup wizard


Run commands for web browsers


firefox Mozilla firefox
iexplore Internet explorer
chrome Google chrome


Run command for tools


netmon Network monitor


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