Login and Out of a Meridian PBX and VOICEMAIL Systems

  1. Launch HyperTerminal
  2. Set phone number to your modem dialin number
  3. Set terminal emulation to VT102            X Modem
  4. Dial… it should end up at a blank HyperTerminal window
  5. Type the password to access the PBX modem. This will not show up on the screen when you type it. The screen should now display “Ok, You are now transparent to port 1”.
  6. Type logi to login, then the password.
  7. You should now have a >: command prompt.


Going from PBX commands to VOICEMAIL (in Hyperterminal)

  1. Go to “File”, “Properties”, “Settings” and set the terminal emulation to VT100.
  2. At the >, type “AX”
  3. Hit “F1” to bring up the command bar at the bottom.
  4. Hit “F1” again to LogonTo go from VOICEMAIL back to PBX (in Hyperterminal)
  5. EXIT all the way out of VOICEMAIL, back to where F1 says “logon” (lower left button)
  6. Go to “File”, “Properties”, “Settings” and set the terminal emulation to VT52.
  7. hit “Ctrl ]” TO EXIT
  8. IMPORTANT – Do NOT exit HyperTerminal until you have logged out of BOTH the VOICEMAIL and PBX Command System (“logo” is the PBX logout command)

Basic commands

ERR SCHXXXX  = Explanation of error code   ( ovl…sch…)
DNB = DIRECTORY NUMBER (DN)  a.k.a. phone extension  ex: 2300
TNB = TERMINAL NUMBER (TN)  (port number on the switch)
= i.e. 24 00 02 05 –      24=Loop 00=Shelf 02=Card 05=Unit
= *Please note: Enter “spaces” between the numbers:
CUST: Customer number (almost always “0” unless you have more then one customer set up)
Short Cut’s
For Option 11’s:
When entering the “TN” information you don’t have to insert all the 0’s.
i.e. 09 00 00 02 would only be 9 2.
Logging in:
More than 3 incorrect login attempts will display OVL400 and you will be locked out for up to 45 Minutes.
The > or OVL000 should be displayed after hitting the return key.
Press: Return
then type “LOGI
Then you should see “PASS
Type: “your password”