FTP Through Cisco WSA Configuration

Configuring the WSA and the ASA for FTP can be a little tricky.

Log into the WSA

Security Service à FTP Proxy

Enable FTP Proxy

Assign Port to listen on – Default is 21

Enable Caching

Choose authentication option

The remaining defaults are preferred

Network à Transparent Redirection à Add Services

Add desired name – WCCP_FTP_21

Enter number for Dynamic Service ID – 95

Enter the Following Port Numbers – 11000,11001,11002,11003,11004,11005,11006,11007

Choose Redirection option

Choose load balancing options.

Enter Router IP Address – Internet access route (default route)

Enable and Enter Password if desired

Submit and commit changes.

Repeat exact process for the FTP Port 20 – with the exception of the server name and Dynamic Service ID.

Save and commit changes.