Default management access settings for F5 products


F5 ships BIG-IP, FirePass, and ARX systems with default values for several system settings. This article provides a summary of these settings to assist you with accessing the devices upon receipt from F5.

The settings described in this article also apply to Enterprise Manager, BIG-IP Virtual Edition, and BIG-IQ systems.

Note: If your product is not listed in a particular table, either the product family does not ship with a default setting of the type specified in the table, or the product may no longer be supported. For further information on supported platforms, refer to SOL4309: The F5 platform life cycle support policy.


Default passwords

Note: F5 recommends modifying the default passwords for system maintenance accounts to comply with standards, such as PCI compliance, or other security policies appropriate for your organization.

The following table lists the default user names and passwords:

Login Type User name Password
BIG-IP Configuration utility admin admin
BIG-IP command line root default
BIG-IQ Configuration utility admin admin
BIG-IQ command line root default
FirePass Administrative Console admin admin
FirePass Maintenance Console maintenance n/a

Default IP addresses

The following IP addresses are assigned to BIG-IP, BIG-IQ, and FirePass devices by default:

Product Management Port IP address/Netmask
FirePass 1000/1200
FirePass 4100/4300

Default baud

The default baud of the serial console port is set to the following values:

Product Serial console port baud
BIG-IP 19200
FirePass 19200
ARX 9600