Create a Remote Access VPN using ASDM

Sometimes even wizards can be complicated

Here is how to use the Cisco ASDM VPN wizard to configure VPN access on a Cisco ASA Appliance.

This is assuming that basic configuration and internet access has been previously configured and is operational.

  1. Launch ASDM and log into the ASA you wish to create VPN access to.
  2. Click on Wizards, VPN Wizard and select the type of VPN you will like to create


  3. Click on the VPN Type if it is not available as part of the menu options



  4. Choose the VPN client type



  5. Enter Pre-Share key and name of tunnel group



  6. Select where the user database is located.



  7. Use this opportunity to add users into the User Database.



  8. Select the IP Address Pool for the remote access users.



  9. If you have not previously created the IP Address Pool, Click on New to do so now.
  10. Enter a name for the IP Address pool along with the starting and ending IP Address and the subnet mask.
  11. Click OK



  12. After creating or selecting the IP Address Pool, click on Next to proceed with the configuration.



  13. Enter DNS and WINS Servers along with a domain name if applicable.
  14. Click on Next.



  15. Select the interface facing the internet
  16. Create a “No NAT” group – normally your LAN subnet range.
  17. Enable “Split Tunneling ” so users can use their local internet connection to access the internet. If not, it will use the internet access of this ASA you are creating the VPN on.
  18. Select Diffie-Hellman Group 2 – security
  19. Select Next to proceed.



  20. Verify ALL parameters and select Finish.



  21. If you have your ASDM set to display all commands prior to submitting to the ASA, click on Send to post the configuration to the ASA