Cisco Limited Lifetime Warranty

Many employers do not believe in purchasing SMARTnet for their LAN Cisco equipment. This is primarily because they are using all stackable switches and having one on the side seems more cost efficient. After a switch failed, they will replace it with the replacement and purchase another standby.

The defective switch is sometimes covered with Cisco’s Limited Lifetime Warranty which is handy to either save your company money.

The following is the procedure I have used to get Cisco equipment replaced under their Limited Lifetime Warranty

Verify that the equipment’s eligibility

The equipment has to be covered under the warranty to qualify for a replacement.

Use the below Cisco’s Warranty Finder tool to verify the coverage of the defective equipment.

Enter the equipment description or SKU and select the appropriate product. Verify with the sticker on your device.

Contact TAC

If your defective unit is covered under the Limited Lifetime Warranty, you may contact Cisco TAC to get it replaced.

Call TAC at 800-553-2447

They may want you to contact your partner, let them know that the product is under their Limited Lifetime Warranty and you need to get it replace or repaired.

Good luck

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